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One of the odd things missing from my geek credentials over the years, was my complete inexperience with tabletop roleplaying games.  Sure I had played my fair share of video game RPGs, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tales, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls, among others; but the tabletop experience was something I was sorely lacking.


Now, one of my favorite card games at the moment is Legend of the Five Rings, I thoroughly enjoy it’s rich mythology and gameplay mechanics, so when I saw there was an RPG available, I began gathering books for it in hopes of finding willing friends to play this game with me, and earlier tonight we made an attempt.


We had been discussing playing for a while, and on a whim decided to have a go at it.  My girlfriend T, and friend B are both experienced in the ways of the tabletop RPG, so I had high hopes we could muddle through some semblance of the game so I might have my long awaited taste of the game.


Things didn’t go as well as we had hoped.


Despite our best efforts, after an hour or so of wrestling our way through the character creation system (at which point I think we started to realize we might not be quite ready to have been attempting the game), we made our first attempt at a session.  This was all good and fine; but then we had to fight that blasted ogre.  I was playing a courtier, my girlfriend a bushi, and B was both a Shugenja and GM, and after several rounds of combat passed, the NPC who we were attempting to rescue had done more damage to the ogre than we had, in truth, we hadn’t even laid a scratch upon the brutish fellow.  Finally, we all gave up pretense and began pouring over the rules and guidelines, trying to figure out what error we were making in our combat.


We could find none.


Ultimately, we decided to abort for today, and make another try when we have had more time to study the game, and hopefully have our friend D with us, and can utilize his gaming skills (which are nothing short of epic) to help us muddle through this game.


Although my first attempt wasn’t all I hoped it would be, it did whet my tongue, and I look forward to my next attempt, no matter where that story may be.